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COVID-19: Anexia is prepared

Written on March 18, 2020 by Alexander Windbichler

In connection with COVID-19, Anexia already decided last Tuesday, 10.03.2020, to take radical measures to deal with the current situation. For this purpose, a dedicated COVID-19 crisis squad was installed to assess the situation 24/7 and derive appropriate measures. As Anexia is listed as operator of critical infrastructure in Austria and Germany, Anexia sites are subject to extended protection.

Anexia has ensured the following:

  • The entire office operation gradually switched to home office last week
  • All sites in Austria & Germany were precautionary equipped with additional infrastructure
  • Anexia is in continuous contact with authorities in Austria & Germany to ensure full operation
  • Protection of the economic performance
  • Personal covering for Anexia employees

Assessment of the overall situation:

Due to the forward-looking and intensive preparation for this, Anexia is very well prepared for this situation in all respects. On the following pages you will find further details.

Organizational Measures

Anexia operates an extensive risk management within the framework of ISO9001 and ISO27001. In addition to the existing regulations within the framework of the Anexia crisis management, 78 further measures were developed and instantly implemented.

    All Anexia employees were gradually transferred to home office. This measure was completed by Friday morning. The risk of an unprepared closure of the company therefore no longer exists.
    The Anexia team is working at full productivity, because familiar work tools (multiple monitors, workstation, phones) have been transferred to their houses.
    It is guaranteed that the internal IT systems of Anexia are available in sufficient dimension and redundancy.
    The communication channels within the Anexia and to the outside are secured via different routes.


Anexia has taken numerous technical measures to be prepared for a variety of eventualities. The following list shows the most important technical measures in this context.

  • Provision of additional capacities
  • Audit all remote management systems
  • Implementation of special monitoring systems
  • Provision of sufficient hardware for covering
  • Provision of additional human resources


The Anexia Cloud Platform basically has sufficient capacity in all core locations. In the course of the risk assessment Anexia has taken further measures to ensure the security of supply.

    Our procurement team already decided in January to increase the stock of core components such as RAM, SSD, SFPs, etc. fivefold. The reason for this was the COVID-19 crisis in China and the risk evaluation of an imminent supply bottleneck.
    Between March 13th and 15th we were able to deliver, install and activate all stock at short notice to our data centers in Frankfurt and Vienna. This ensures sufficient capacity, especially for Anexia Bare Metal, Anexia Dynamic Compute and Anexia Dynamic Storage.


Anexia operates around 100 international server locations. Due to the varying spread of the coronavirus, the current situation is not the same at all locations. You can find a site-specific analysis on our status page.

At each of our international locations we are in continuous contact with the local operators and already tested and assessed the remote hands capacities.

At the moment our locations in Italy (Milan and Palermo) are subject to restrictions. Due to the strict curfews in those areas, remote hands are only available for acute outages. At all other locations, no restrictions are known as of yet.


Anexia is classified as an operator of critical infrastructure in Austria and Germany. This means:

  • In case of curfews, Anexia technicians are entitled to access the infrastructure at any time
  • In case of a possible energy supply bottlenecks, Anexia infrastructure is prioritized
  • Special protection of all Anexia sites

We are supplied with all information relevant for Anexia and the protection of our infrastructure – and therefore also the infrastructure of you as a customer – is secured.


The current situation is challenging every one of us – worldwide. Stability, reliability and trust are essential components in this special time to weather this crisis. Situations like this one bind us together – regardless of whether Anexia is an employer, partner, supplier or customer. We only get through this crisis together, independently, in which constellation you are working with Anexia.

Please stay healthy – we will continuously update you here and are caring 24/7 for the technical basis, that is urgently needed by many of you now, in the background.