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COVID-19: Anexia-Update #1

Written on March 19, 2020 by Alexander Windbichler

Anexia is very well prepared for the current COVID-19 situation in all respects. We are currently working 24/7 in order to ensure the availability and stability of our entire infrastructure.

Updates 03/19/2020

  • Expansion due to increased demand
    During the day we have organized together with our suppliers and logistic partners an extensive supply of infrastructure for Anexia Dynamic Compute in more than 20 locations in Europe and North America. The resources will be available at the beginning of next week. Based on the experience of the last few days, we have decided to expand our infrastructure in some locations as a precautionary measure.
  • Remote Hands in Italy only for emergency situations
    At our locations in Italy (Milan and Palermo), remote hands and independent access to the datacenter are currently not possible. A standby service is available for absolute emergencies. This ensures operational stability, but there is currently no option for expansion in the event of capacity limitations.
  • Remote Hands restrictions in Brazil
    At the moment, we see upcoming restrictions in Brazil due to the Coronavirus. In Rio de Janeiro there is limited access to Remote Hands for the datacenter. This is resulting in a longer lead time in case of expansions.
  • Short-term Internet problems in Asia
    In today’s first half of the day, we have seen packet loss of up to 80% to Europe at some Asian locations. Within Asia, the locations were available as usual. These issues were mainly experienced at our Seoul and Tokyo locations. At this time, we do not have any further details regarding this significant shortage of stability to Europe. The situation improved significantly in the late morning of today and is now stable again.

Ad hoc information

Our real-time status page:

Further questions?

If you have further questions regarding Anexia during the COVID-19 situation, you can contact us via the common channels.

  • Your service/ account/ project manager gladly supports you with your questions
  • Our service desk and the support is available as usual
  • Our crisis communication team can provide you with further information

We take care 24/7!

Our crisis squad is monitoring the situation 24/7.
We ensure that we have sufficient capacity at any time, ensure stability and support our customers at any time in all situations.

Please stay at home and stay healthy!