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Home Office: 5 things that helped me during lockdown

Written on December 23, 2020 by Marie Solle

When the first lockdown was announced at the beginning of March, I didn’t expect the whole process to go on for months. Despite the restrictions that I encountered sometimes, I learned a lot and I’m sure I’m not the only one. From a well-kept routine, to regular meals, to getting enough exercise – everyone can find something positive in the current situation. In this blog post, you’ll find out which tips have helped me to find my way into a new routine.

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Stick to a routine in home office

It is preached everywhere: Having a fixed routine is key. In the beginning I didn’t believe it either, but now I think about it differently, because without a routine it’s hard to create a working environment at home where you can work efficiently. In this case a routine can be anything. For me, it means getting changed and brushing my teeth after getting up. The process of getting ready for work is an important step in getting into “work mode” and start working productively. And if you managed not to work in your pajamas yet, you’ve already accomplished the most important thing.



Stay fit

In the past few months, the daily walk to the office or the leisurely stroll in the supermarket has often been cancelled. Therefore, it is even more important to exercise elsewhere. If you’ve managed to do that – very good! If not, here’s a little tip: Even small steps go a long way! Literally. Because going for a walk in the fresh air does miracles. If the cold winter air is a bit too fresh for you, try exercises with your own weight at home. You can find numerous ideas for this on YouTube. And for the very active athletes among us, I also have a home workout training plan here.



Pay attention to nutrition

You really don’t know why and how you got there, but do you find yourself constantly in the kitchen looking for the next snack? Don’t worry, it’s the same for me. Even though delivery services & snacks can get you through the day, you should still make sure to include a few healthy meals in between. It already starts with shopping: your nutrition stands and falls with what ends up in your shopping cart, because what’s not there can’t be eaten. Instead of a classic chocolate bar, you could also put some fruit in the shopping cart (this also saves one from feeling guilty afterwards 😉). The situation means big adjustments and an extra dose of stress for everyone. Therefore, it would be counterproductive to turn your diet completely upside down from one day to the next. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t succeed in implementing your own resolutions right away.



Maintain contacts remotely

At the beginning very unusual – and now everyday life. We all have become world champions in maintaining contacts via online communication tools. Whether it’s team meetings or after-work gaming, there are various ways to stay connected despite the lockdown. However, constantly working from your home office can also worsen your relationship with your colleagues, which is why it’s even more important not to underestimate communication. Communication is key. Even if it seems better at first glance to be able to concentrate and not be constantly distracted by colleagues in home office, these interactions are essential for our mental health and well-being. Maintain your social connections with calls and chats. It’s helpful to share your experiences and break out of your routine for a few minutes.



For each one of us self-care means something different. Whether you soak in a bubble bath in the evening and then relax with candlelight and a good book, or prefer to enjoy the latest games with your friends via Discord (I see you, dear cyberpunk fans), it’s important to treat yourself and create a balance. Especially during the past few months, where workplace and living space are merging and it may seem hard to draw clear boundaries to be able to relax. This can also mean simply creating a routine that you feel comfortable with. You can already do something good for your psyche with adequate sleep, healthy meals, enough exercise or activities you enjoy. Treat yourself.

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Even though the year went differently than I imagined, I can take some things away and grow from it. These learnings may not be big steps, but sometimes you should appreciate the small things.

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