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Lounge ANEXIA Klagenfurt

Written on October 13, 2014 by Nadine Pingert

In October the team of ANEXIA Klagenfurt was busily engaged designing and tenderly furnishing a comfortable lounge in our office in the Schleppe-tower.

In order to optimally make use of the rather small space of the room, we firstly rebuilt it in the 3D-program and chose the most suitable items of furniture.

While some cleared out the room, others were already busy building up the new furniture. Then the wall had to be painted in original ANEXIA-blue and the lounge could be equipped with the new items right away.

At the end the centerpiece of our new lounge, the pinball machine, was delivered. With its nostalgic charm the 30-year-old, but perfectly maintained automatic machine gives the room its finishing touch.

From now on all employees have the opportunity to take a rest here during breaks. While some have a thrilling Mario Kart race on Nintendo 64, others battle each other in tabletop soccer and at the pinball machine.

But a pleasant atmosphere is provided as well. Our staff can chat in the cozy seating area and chill with snacks in front of the television.