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Written on August 31, 2017 by Lucia Schöpfer

Almost half of all smartphone users in Europe also use their cell phone to play games, according to the statistics. And game development is also becoming increasingly popular. Given the jungle of the cell phone games it is hard to find the best ones. We would like to present a small selection of three top games below. According to which selection criterion (other than that all three games are truly addictive)? The games were all developed by Anexians during their leisure time.

Our customers are already well aware of the fact that our employees are among the best in their field. But as is usually the case with nerds, our Anexians are also interested in development and IT beyond everyday working life. Game development appeals to them in particular. Some of them participate in game jams, while others develop cell phone games in their spare time. And this work is precisely what we would like to present today. Christian, André and apprentice Martin have given us access to their abundant game collections.


Skippy is a little gecko. And like his fellow species, Skippy likes to stick to things. Although geckos are well-known for their super-adhesive feet – Skippy uses his super sticky tongue to stick to tree trunks.

The goal of the game is to forge a route, based on a principle similar to games like Doodle Jump. Skippy can pull himself up by his tongue and thus jump from tree trunk to tree trunk. Various bonuses and power modes allow Skippy to fly or no longer fall to the ground.

Skippy’s Adventure is definitely an addictive game – zero strategy, but perfect for short breaks and waiting times.


Skippy’s Adventure is the creation of Christian Scheriau – mobile developer at Anexia since 2016. Christian developed the game in the evening and on weekends. He used the game engine Unity in doing so (just like Daniel did in his Tutorial for a VR Game). Considering that he created this graphically impressive, bug-free and simply entertaining game in his spare time, the only thing that’s left to say is: Hats off, and thank you for the great entertainment!




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The next game that we would like to present is more demanding on the brain: MindMaster-WORD, as the name itself suggests, is a game for your head. Those familiar with the classic Mastermind game will be able to start playing immediately; for everyone else, we provide a brief look at it below.

Developed back in the 1970s in the GDR, Mastermind became a classic and by now has sold over 50 million. The objective in Mastermind is to guess – as quickly as possible – a four-digit color code set by your opponent. Sounds more complicated than it is. The same is true for André Prochiner’s MindMaster-WORD. Just that in this case you will be guessing words rather than color codes. Let us briefly illustrate once more:


The player has six letters to choose from at the bottom, which are used for the word to be searched. The first guess (here ABLU) has been made. The opponent uses black dots to indicate how many letters are correct and red dots to indicate how many letters are even in the correct position. The player can now gradually get closer to the correct (German) word. MindMaster-WORD is available in 24 different levels.

What makes the game so attractive is the fact that logical thinking is required. There are different strategies for how to best reduce the variables for finding the correct word. And yes – this too is addictive.


Who’s the creator? André Prochiner, a young father and PHP developer at Anexia, who somehow still finds enough spare time to tinker with mobile development for iOS and Android. This is also how MindMaster-WORD was created. And even though it is not intricately designed, the game is nevertheless very good and you’ll want to keep on playing.



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You have to be quick when playing “Take the Right Side”, a game only available on  iOS. The one-click game requires players to collect coins while avoiding a collision with obstacles. The simple game concept is expanded by extras that can be purchased once the player has a certain number of coins.

As for the design, opinions vary: The reactions in our editorial team range from “very funny” to “cult” to “simply impossible”. It certainly stands out. Martin has deliberately chosen a rather wild look. This is intended to distract the player and make the game more difficult.


It is however a particular pleasure to present “Take the Right Side”, as the iPhone game was created by one of our apprentices: Martin Rader from the Software Development department. The 22-year-old was working as an electrician’s assistant prior to his training at Anexia. Programming, especially iOS development, is nevertheless his passion: he had already developed “Take the Right Side” in his spare time before starting his training.


We are delighted to have such great colleagues – not only because they have so much expertise, but also because we benefit from the fact that they even get a kick out of programming in their spare time. We need people like this. Sound good? Then click here: