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Anexia HTML & CSS Development for high-performance websites

HTML is the undisputed standard for writing web content. Even sophisticated and complex web applications can be created with HTML5 and the corresponding JavaScript APIs – without Flash and Silverlight. Anexia implements complex, mobile and adaptive (responsive) layouts so that your website or application looks great and works perfectly, whether accessed on desktops, tablets or other mobile devices.

PSD in HTML – Anexia implements your layout quickly in compliance with web standards
PSD in HTML – Anexia implements your layout quickly in compliance with web standards

Professional HTML coding is essential for creating a successful website. We take care of the error-free implementation of your design and administer your template directly in the right content management system such as WordPress, Drupal or TYPO3. HTML coding can be done in many different ways. We, of course, rely on the latest W3C standards such as HTML5, CSS3 as well as JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS, Vue.js and Bootstrap. We place priority on clean, W3C-compliant HTML and CSS solutions, compatibility adjustments as well as SEO optimization.

More than 600 projects to date More than 600 projects to date

Our developers speak HTML, CSS and JavaScript as their mother tongue and have over 100 years of experience together. With over 600 successfully completed projects, there’s hardly any issue out there that our developers haven’t solved before – a wealth of experience that benefits particularly you as our customer.

Responsive and adaptive are standard with us Responsive and adaptive are standard with us

Since 2012 at the latest, Mobile First has been the name of the game! The amount of visitors who access websites with their mobile phone or tablet is constantly rising. Give your customers what they want and surprise them with a cross-platform optimized website. This feature is a standard part of every website design we do.

Guaranteed implementation in time Guaranteed implementation in time

You are in a rush? No problem! Our developers are true professionals and operate at a speed that you could hardly find elsewhere. On request, we can guarantee an error-free and W3C-compliant implementation of your design within just a few days.

Let yourself be convinced by our references
HTML – Without Alternative since 1992

The execution speed of HTML code is constantly increasing.

Mobile Ready: HTML can run on all mobile devices.

HTML – Without Alternative since 1992

Perhaps the most important information about the scripting and website coding language HTML is that it is only as good as the browser interprets it. But here, time is on HTML’s side. More and more browser providers are adhering to W3C standards and are now in a race to see who can support them faster and with better performance.

From a simple but very thoughtful approach to linking documents (hypertext) developed by CERN in Switzerland, HTML has turned into a standard that remains unrivaled. The current version (in combination with CSS and JavaScript) allows the realization of animations and complex functions in extensive applications that run directly in the browser.

Prominent examples are web-based office solutions (such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office 356), webmail and graphic editors.

Platform independent
Low cost
Short development time
Top performance
Future proof

The highest quality, reliability and stability – these are what you would expect from an ideal business partner. We want to be that partner for our customers.

And to show that this is not an empty promise, we’ve provided the evidence. ANEXIA is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2015 certified. Our Creditreform credit rating from November 2018 is 176, well above the industry average.

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