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Microsoft .NET Development by Anexia

The comprehensive .NET Framework is on a par with Java and equally suitable for the development of web solutions, desktop applications, and mobile apps. Our designers at Anexia have, between them, 100 years of professional experience in the field of .NET development.

Anexia provides you with an experienced team of .NET experts
Anexia provides you with an experienced team of .NET experts

Whether it‘s C# or VB.NET, an HTML5 web portal or a WPF desktop application – Anexia brings your app to market - on time and on budget. Among our satisfied clients for the realization of .NET projects are small and large organizations alike. Whether you already have a detailed concept of your software project or just a vague idea - contact us today to benefit from our professional expertise!

Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary

Anexia can master the most diverse set of development paradigms: whether you require .NET development for desktop applications with WPF, WinForms, or web development with MVC or WebForms - we have the necessary know-how and experience. .NET Core allows us to develop our solutions on Windows or on UNIX-based servers.

Scrum Management Scrum Management

Scrum is the epitome of agile project management: while extremely flexible, it is still sufficiently structured to meet time and budget targets. Many of our project managers are certified Scrum Masters, ensuring that your projects are completed with maximum efficiency.

Peer Programming Peer Programming

Well-coordinated teams are the ideal environment for the development of software solutions. At Anexia, all our teams are experienced, offering meticulously differentiated skillsets to develop your .NET requirements.

Let yourself be convinced by our references

40% of all software projects worldwide are based on Microsoft’s .NET technology.

.NET is one of the most popular programming languages on the web.


Developed by Microsoft, .NET is a modern, modular technology integrating a wide variety of complementary, contemporary programing languages. Over recent years, the significance of the .NET-compatible language C# has increased markedly and is now the fifth most popular programing language.

Users value .NET‘s winning combination of performance and security. Programs can be published as executable files that achieve significantly higher processing speeds than script-only languages. The comprehensive security concept includes both code and role-based security features.

For software designers, Microsoft Visual Studio provides one of the most sophisticated development environments available. With its user-friendly interface and pioneering innovations such as the automatically added methods and functions during source text input, this toolbox covers all phases of the process, ranging from design to development and automated testing. All this makes for a low-risk, predictable development phase.

Well-known applications based on .NET are for instance Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Visual Studio, Expression Blend and Microsoft Office.

Mature industry standard
Structured layout
Rapid development
Excellent support

The highest quality, reliability and stability – these are what you would expect from an ideal business partner. We want to be that partner for our customers.

And to show that this is not an empty promise, we’ve provided the evidence. ANEXIA is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2015 certified. Our Creditreform credit rating from November 2018 is 176, well above the industry average.

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