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Behind the scenes of Stephan Peijnik (R&D)

Written on December 27, 2016 by Lucia Schöpfer

Stephan Peijnik is Anexia’s Gyro Gearloose. He is the head of research and development. Together with his team he’s puttering on the company’s future. They are earl-adopters, catch up with all trends and weight up, which direction the digital development is taking. But like Gyro Gearloose all inventors need little helpers. When Gyro Gearloose gets supported from a talking light bulb, Stephan has his Linus PC, Docker and Club Mate. We were like the fly on the wall and looked over his shoulder. And Stephan has been kind enough to tip his hand. What does it need to do big things? Read it here:

What was your first computer?

486 DX2, 80MHz, 2MB RAM, 500MB hard drive, DOS 6.22

Which operation system do you use?
Debian Jessie

Which windows manage do you use?
Gnome 3 in the classic mode

Since when are you using Linux?
Since, I think 1999 – I collected my first experience with the SuSE 6.2

Development environment?
IntelliJ, PyCharms, emacs

Favorite programming language?
Go and Python are on a par

First programming language?

The worst computer-error, that ever happened to you?
When Windows 2000 thought, that a FreeBSD Partition would have to be “fixed”. Of course, it was my fault but the data loss was still painful.

Essential tools?
docker, emacs, git, zsh and Club Mate 😉

Which technologies do you think are on the rise the next years?
HTTP/2 and Go

Which technology or working tool is the most time-saving one?
Saltstack as automation solution for bigger environments

Who do you think is a rock star developer?
Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson and John Carmack

How much GB RAM is available on your PC at the moment?
Gigabyte would be nice, it’s 183MB.

Which folder on your computer is complete chaos?

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