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Data centers are becoming a rare resource

Written on March 11, 2024 by Esther Farys

Anexia Rechenzentrum data center Datasix Wien Vienna

Artificial intelligence requires huge computing capacities. Large data centers are needed to meet this demand worldwide. However, these place special demands on the real estate.

Alexander Windbichler, CEO of Anexia, talks about the challenges in Austria and Europe in a diePresse article – here is an excerpt:

Data centers: Searching for locations in Austria

Markus Mendel, Managing Director of EHL Investment Consulting, knows that locations for data centers are also in demand in Austria: “There is very high demand for suitable properties in and around Vienna.” Interested parties include international operators of data centers, but also globally active institutional investors or funds that have such properties in their portfolios. EHL therefore routinely checks vacant plots in the greater Vienna area for their suitability for the construction of data centers. There is almost always a problem with the power supply: “Finding solutions for this is a major challenge.” There are currently around 20 shared data centers in this country.

One of them in Vienna’s sixth district is operated by Anexia, an Austrian company that is active on the global market. The cloud service provider has long-term leased capacity in 90 data centers in more than 70 countries. Founder and CEO Alexander Windbichler takes a differentiated view of the boom: “In Europe, growth in cloud services is currently slowing down due to the poor economic situation, and with it the demand for capacity in data centers. As soon as the economy recovers, growth will pick up again here too.” In his opinion, Europe should make an effort to offer customers genuine data sovereignty. Anexia itself is rolling out plans for another of its own colocation data centers in Europe. (…)

You can find the complete article in German in DiePresse