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Adisa Ibric: “I want to put a smile on everyone’s face”

Written on February 8, 2018 by Lucia Schöpfer

She speaks four languages, puts a smile on everyone’s face and can type faster than anybody: Adisa Ibric, one of the young talents at Anexia, completed her office management assistance apprenticeship at Anexia and has been a proud Anexia employee for almost five years.

In the #joinourrevolution interview, she told us what her everyday life in the back office looks like and why she never wants to leave Carinthia.


Could you please introduce yourself: Who are you and what do you do at Anexia?
I’m Adisa, I’m 22 years old and I’m a back office assistant at Anexia. I started here four years ago as an office management assistance apprentice and since then I have been responsible for the back office.

Back office assistant: Sounds fancy, but if I may be a little cheeky, it’s just another word for secretary, right?
No, of course not. (smiles) We handle a wide range of operational tasks. For example, we manage the company documents, look after the vehicle fleet, and take care of travel management. We also support our HR department with the organization of leasing contracts and all the employee cell phone contracts. We also still process the incoming and outgoing mail. And yes, we are also responsible for reception of course. (laughs)

So you’re actually the office manager rather than the receptionist?
Yes, exactly, although I did start with reception duties. I gradually took over more tasks, starting small with the travel management. As we did not have many employees back then, it was manageable and a good start for me as an apprentice. However, looking at how much we book these days, it has become very extensive. And that is the case in many areas: There are two of us in the back office today and I sometimes wonder how it used to work: Although there were fewer employees, I was nevertheless on my own.


What exactly did you learn and what were your tasks during the apprenticeship?
I was trained as an office management assistant. Every office management assistant has different tasks, depending on the respective company. My vocational school class included people who mostly took care of office matters: sorting folders and delivery notes, printing, copying, telephone service, etc. But it was different for me. I was able to get a taste of everything: for example, travel management early on as well as bookkeeping. That helped me learn about a lot of different things.

What did you do before your apprenticeship at Anexia?
I completed my school leaving certificate and since my grades were very good I first decided to continue with further schooling, although I had always fancied the idea of doing an apprenticeship. Funnily enough, I then took a course with an IT focus. I was really happy about that because computers, technology, etc., interested me. I then started the third grade of further schooling, but had a hard time with math. Later I came across an advertisement for an apprenticeship at Anexia, spontaneously applied and was accepted. Although I had actually planned to continue schooling, the position was simply too good of a fit to turn down. My first and only application thus worked out right away.

I’m always very friendly and try to put a smile on everyone’s face when they see me.

In a way, you are the hub of the Klagenfurt office; all the employees pass by your desk sooner or later. What do you love about your colleagues on some occasions and what makes you want to grab them by the throat on others?
Oh, I actually really like that my job is so communicative. There’s more action in the back office – others sit in the office all day long and nobody comes by. In contrast, I know the name that goes with every face. The employees share a lot of information with me and I like it when they drop by. Some of them even come by to say hello after their vacation and that makes me very happy. I’m always very friendly and try to put a smile on everyone’s face when they see me.

What do you particularly like about your work at Anexia?
My colleagues! I think it’s cool that we are such a young team, and I also get along great with the older employees. There isn’t a single colleague I don’t like. I particularly like the working hours: we have flextime as you know and if I arrange things with my colleague Sandra, I can decide for myself when I come and go. It is also quite varied in the back office, which is great: I am thus constantly learning new things.

Two of you have been working in the Klagenfurt back office since July. Are you already working well together and how is the division of tasks going?
Although my colleague Sandra has only recently arrived, she has settled in very quickly. In the beginning I went through everything with her from A to Z and she immediately understood it all. I get along really well with her, because we are very similar. Sandra brings a lot of experience as she used to work in a big company and she can teach me a lot. And she already passed the first trial by fire when I was on vacation: she was my replacement and there were no problems. Of course not, Sandra is a real pro.

Many people are eager to get away from here after leaving school and get to know a new city, especially in Carinthia. Were you never tempted to go elsewhere?
No, not really. My parents are from Bosnia, but I was born here. My friends and family live here, I feel at home here. Sure, the education and training opportunities may be limited here, but still: I never thought about leaving. Everything also went so fast: I started my apprenticeship at Anexia only four years ago. But now that you ask me: No, I would never leave Carinthia. No chance of it, no matter what.


Carinthian at heart, then. And what do you do in beautiful Carinthia in your free time or on vacation?
Well, I rarely stay here when I’m on vacation. (laughs) I of course used to spend a lot of time with my parents in Bosnia, but now that I’m getting older I have started to discover traveling for myself. I really like getting to know new countries. I am a huge fan of Spain and have been there three times. And next, I really would really like to go to Germany. I’ve never been there.

If someone wanted to do the same job as you, what kinds of interests and skills do they need?
Endurance (laughs), you have to be able to write quickly, you need good general knowledge, and you also have to inform yourself, buy books and really find things out for yourself. It also helps to have people skills because the receptionist in a company should be friendly after all.

Now that I’m getting older I have started to discover traveling for myself. I really like getting to know new countries.

Should we rattle off a few clichés at the end?
(laughs) – Ok, I can’t wait to see what’s coming.

And what sentence do you say most often during the day?
“Hello, you have reached Anexia, Ibric speaking.” I say the sentence at least 100 times a day, if not more.

How fast can you type?
Uh, no idea, but I’m the fastest. I also have several school certificates documenting that. The keyboard is just part of my life. (laughs)

What is the perfect nail length for typing?
Ha ha, you got me there of course. I love doing my nails, with stones and everything. I also find that length is not a problem for typing: but the sound of plastic nails on the keyboard drives me crazy. That’s why I prefer short nails for working and nail art for when I’m on vacation. (laughs)

And do you have to speak many languages and if so which ones?
We speak English and German in the company. I know a little Italian from school – just enough to forward the caller to the right contact person. And I of course speak Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, because my parents are from Bosnia. And you’ll laugh, but now and then suppliers or customers have a hard time with German or English on the phone. I then try Bosnian sometimes and people are truly happy that I can help them in this way.

I understand: Service runs in your blood.
Well, you do what you can, and as long as I can avoid mixing up the languages and pronouncing Italian vocabulary with a Bosnian or English accent everything is okay.

In that case: Vielen Dank, Grazie, thanks and zahvaliti for the nice conversation.

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