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Anexia 15 Summits: We Are Celebrating 15 Years Anexia!

Written on June 28, 2021 by Lucia Schöpfer

Anexia celebrates its 15th anniversary together with its employees – if not together in one place, then at least united by doing the same thing at the same time: In the “Anexia 15 Summits” challenge, Anexians were asked to climb a summit between June 1 and June 15, 2021 – alone or accompanied by colleagues.

We look back on 15 years of Anexia with many highlights. Such a success story is only possible because we have always experienced support and had and still have loyal companions at various points who stand by our side. Because we know how lucky we are as a company and Anexia family, we want to use our 15th anniversary to give something back. Therefore, Anexia is donating 15.000€ to charitable causes as part of the “Anexia 15 Summits”. The 15 summiteers with the highest mountain peaks have decided to which non-profit organization they want to have 1.000€ donated each!

We are pleased about the lively participation: Every 5th Anexian participated and together 65,375.2 meters of altitude were climbed! Our colleagues have not been alone on the road: 5 dogs, 4 marmots, 3 cats and 1 horse were faithful companions, as photos prove:


But even the youngest could be inspired to give their best in the “Anexia 15 Summits” challenge:


We asked the climbers of the 15 highest mountain peaks what motivated them:

Christoph Kasser, Network Engineer
Oberlercherspitz, 3107m

“With the 1.000€ I would like to support SV Magdalensberg, ‘my’ soccer club. We value young talents very much and they had a very, very hard time last year. Among other things, we are now organizing a junior family day.”

Simon Fischer, Systemadministrator
Tour with recumbent bike from Karlsruhe to the North Sea

“I already cycled to the North Sea on a recumbent bike last year. Before that, this trip was just a dream, and I could hardly believe that I had really done it. And I was also convinced: You only do something like this once in a lifetime, but I couldn’t help it and planned a second trip. The sea air, the sound of the sea and Norderney didn’t let me go. What I know for sure now: This will definitely not have been the last trip of this kind. This feeling of freedom during the trip is simply indescribable.”

Moritz Frenzel, Senior Network Architect
Zugspitze, 2962m

“Like a good Anexian I used automation to climb the Zugspitze (2962m). Up it went in 45min with the rack railroad from the 90s, the way back I then conquered with the Backbone 2.0 and was 2,000 meters lower in 15min.”

Philipp Mödritscher, Frontend Developer
Edelweißspitze, 2572m

“On the summit I was accompanied by my girlfriend Yelyzaveta, our cat Sky and our dog Myfanwy. As we are very animal-friendly, we wanted the money to go to an organization that helps animals in need.”

Bruno Hautzenberger, Technical Project Manager
Rosennock, 2440 m

“In itself, I thought it was a great idea to do something for a good cause. I don’t think I would have done it for myself, to be honest. But I also have to say that the biggest motivation was probably my wife, who had wanted to go hiking with me for a long time and I’m rather difficult to motivate. Thanks to this challenge, I now had no excuse.”

Gianluca Iannantuoni, Accountant
Rosennock, 2440 m

“I am always on the road with my girlfriend Tamie and of course with the little mountain goat Rufus. We are a super team. 3000m summits and 8 hour tours are no problem at all for my dog.”

Edwin Priebernig, System Engineer &
Franziska Reinsberger, Accountant
Zirbitzkogel, 2396 m

“Our biggest motivation was, of course, to be at the top of the ranking. But we had been talking about finally going up the Zirbitzkogel for a long time before that, and this event came just at the right time – who knows when we would have gotten around to it otherwise? All in all, it was a successful hike and a very great day.”

Harald Nezbeda, Technical Leader Python
Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, 2369m

“Over the past few years, we in the Python team have developed many exciting projects based on Django and have been able to focus on very specific problems, as most of the basics are very well covered by the framework. With the donated amount, I think we should contribute to the further development of this system.”

Florian Windbichler, Logistics &
Victoria Rauter, Accountant
Falkertspitze, 2308 m

“I was motivated by the summit beer!”

Bettina Kelhar, Technical Lead Mobile
Pfannock, 2254m

“I would like to support a friend whom I have known since university times, and her familiy, who urgently needs the money after a stroke of fate. I hope I can help at least a little bit.”

Irina Leitner, HR Generalist &
Martin Horn, Technical Lead Network Operations
Gartnerkofel, 2195m

“I was motivated by working out how to climb a few meters higher than the others – mixed with the team spirit and the feeling that everyone had completed this challenge together, but still each for themselves. I was accompanied by Mr. NoSleep aka Martin Horn, who helped me motivate myself (I hate walking uphill on principle ? ).”

Armin Ster, Software Developer
Dobratsch, 2167m

“I would like to use it to help the facility where I also did my community service. I spent almost a whole year there, during which I experienced a lot. I know what the caregivers and the children are going through and that they can use the money well.”

Patricia Forster, Head of Controlling
Hochobir, 2142m

“I have wanted to climb the highest peak I can see from my terrace for a long time. The only thing missing so far was the motivation. Therefore, the “Anexia 15 Summits” challenge was the perfect opportunity. I was accompanied by my best friend, with whom I grew up together – a real companion in my life.”

Ermin Cehic, Accountant
Hochobir, 2142m

“I like to hike in the mountains anyway, but when there’s a good cause behind it, it gives me a completely different feeling. With my donation, I want to help people in Africa and the Middle East in a sustainable way. Coming from a country torn apart by war and political decisions, I know how important it is to offer people the prospect of a better future. That is what motivated me. I was accompanied by my wife on the way to the summit. In other ways, too, we support and motivate each other even during the most difficult summits.”

Christina Rappitsch, Team Lead HR &
Thomas Horn, Team Lead Security
Großer Speikkogel, 2140m

“We Anexians love challenges, and the fact that the prize can then be donated to a good cause has of course motivated us even more. Since most of us work from home, we rarely see each other in person, which is a shame, of course. The Challenge helped to strengthen the team spirit again. We took this as an opportunity to climb our local mountain together after work. We were accompanied (and motivated on the way up) by our dogs.”



Thank you to all Anexians – for climbing mountains together and for giving everything every day! We look forward to the next 15 years together!