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Backbone Europe upgrade to 2 Tbit/s

Written on June 15, 2021 by Michael Hiess

No one could have guessed what big changes the little virus would bring. But in addition to the many negative effects, there were also a few positive effects, at least in the case of digitization, which resulted in a big jump in IT statistics.

In no time at all, all offices and classrooms around the world were empty. Public spaces were left deserted, and most time had to be spent within one’s own four walls. Home office and homeschooling brought us back together virtually.

Corona digitization push

Unsurprisingly, video conferencing solutions were in such high demand that network bandwidth requirements soared to unprecedented heights virtually overnight. Video streaming providers also knew how to seize the opportunity and achieved enormous growth rates. Finally, it was time to consume the whole series at once. The word network bandwidth became a term that even the less technically savvy had to learn.

Despite the many exceptional situations and load peaks, we were always able to provide our business customers with sufficient network capacity with Backbone Europe, without any noticeable restrictions.


Backbone Europe 2.0 Upgrade

As a professional cloud provider, forward-looking capacity planning is an absolute prerequisite for being able to easily cover traffic requirements for increasing demands and unexpected peaks.

“Can it be a little more?” is a question that is always immediately answered with “yes” in the network environment. Our customer base is growing very strongly and the demands and requirements on our infrastructure are growing disproportionately along with it.

Backbone Europe Map

That’s why we already started planning the Backbone 2.0 upgrade in the summer of 2020. In addition to a high six-figure sum for the hardware upgrade, over 500 man-hours were also invested in preparations for the expansion.

At several European sites, the hardware had to be replaced or upgraded unnoticed by daily business. Strict Corona protection measures accompanied our team to ensure maximum security for our employees on site.

Backbone Europe 2 tbit/s bandwith

With the Backbone 2.0, we offer our customers across Europe multiple redundant 100Gbit/s connections with a maximum total bandwidth of over 2 Tbit/s. This corresponds to approximately the data volume of the entire European network. This is roughly equivalent to the data volume of 50 DVDs that could theoretically be transmitted within one second.

With the successful expansion of the backbone, far more than sufficient bandwidth should be available again for a long time for all future requirements and peak loads.

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