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Anexia acquires Netcup for strategic alliance

Written on November 16, 2016 by Daniel Wuggenig

Stronger together: Anexia has taken over its German industry peer Netcup – and grown significantly as a result. Netcup currently supports more than 40,000 customers with over 60,000 domains. The ratio of private to commercial customers is about equal.

Through this acquisition, Anexia’s CEO Alexander Windbichler is keen to strength Anexia’s long-term position on the European market and to increase the company’s competitiveness with the major market players. There are no major plans to integrate Netcup into Anexia, nor are there any regarding staffing changes. Instead, Netcup is to remain largely independent and be part of a strategic alliance with Anexia.

Alexander Windbichler remarks: “Netcup is a top company with an excellent reputation, a well-known brand, but first and foremost a highly skilled team with superlative management. As a result, our group of companies is gaining outstanding employees in a stable company that boasts tremendous expertise and a high degree of technological development. These are precisely the reasons why Netcup is the perfect match for Anexia, and these are the same reasons why Netcup should remain in its current form.”


Aim of the alliance: innovative products and services

In the areas of cloud services, IoT and Industry 4.0 especially, the two companies will intensively perform joint development work. Netcup’s services are also set to be marketed on other markets across Europe and beyond.

“In alliance with Anexia, we see Netcup as a fantastic opportunity to expand our technology into new international markets, and to scale it more effectively. Netcup and Anexia already have enjoy partnership and friendship going back years”, says Oliver Werner, Managing Director of Netcup.


For Netcup customers, the situation remains unchanged: Netcup remains a German company. The existing German data centre site will continue to operate, as will all of the company’s products.

“There is absolutely no question of us migrating the technical infrastructure and thereby storing our customers’ data outside Germany. We are staying who and where we are”, comments Felix Preuß, Managing Director of Netcup. In the long term, the management team of Felix Preuß and Oliver Werner will lead and expand Netcup’s business.


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