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award ceremony of the Technicus Award 2021

Written on July 9, 2021 by Christina Rauter

“Hey Siri, open the garage door!” A self-developed smart garage door control system, a self-built Morse telegraph or an LED wall on which zodiac signs are displayed with the help of an app – these are just a few of the award-winning submissions to the Technicus Award 2021: a unique campaign by the HTL Mössingerstraße alumni association to encourage creative students – even in times of pandemic.

The topic of this year’s competition was “Hello World”. A sentence that presents itself sooner or later to everyone who is learning any programming language. It is also a sentence that can be interpreted in many ways. Some students defined the topic as new beginnings, for example others dealt with natural disasters. In addition to technical submissions there were also projects from the areas of German and English.

At the award ceremony last week, the students presented their projects in person with a short film. The jury consisting of our CEO Alexander Windbichler and CEO of the communication agency bigbang Christian Smerietschnig received the projects for evaluation in advance and awarded the prizes at the ceremony. A few personal words were also added to each project: “Your project made us very thoughtful. It’s really great how all of you were thinking about the topic and the implementation, how you represent earthquakes, tsunamis, natural disasters in an app.” said Christian Smerietschnig.

The enthusiasm of the students behind their projects was clearly visible and played a key role in the evaluation: “I think it’s important to find something you’re passionate about and you can develop a passion for. For me, it’s technology, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be technology. First of all It’s important you burn for something .That was very important to me when awarding the prize,” said Alexander Windbichler.

We were very pleased to have been a part of the Technicus Awards. We find it very impressive what the students have achieved during the pandemic, but also what the alumni association has put together. Especially during the years of school it is important to prepare students for their later working life and to foster their talents. We are happy the event will take place again next year and are looking forward to the submissions.

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