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Choosing the right apprenticeship – these tips will help you

Written on September 24, 2021 by Melina Baumgartner

Every year, many students choose an apprenticeship. There are around 215 different apprenticeships in Austria and the choice is often difficult. With these tips, I would like to help future apprentices with the decision-making process.

Choosing an apprenticeship and keeping an eye on the future

Apprenticeships as we know them today may no longer exist in a few years. You always have to keep in mind that technology is constantly evolving. There are some professions that may be taken over by machines or even entirely by robots in the future. When choosing an apprenticeship, you should therefore always keep this point in mind and research in detail which professions will still exist in the future and which still require human activities despite digitalization.

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The Austrian Digital Office provides information about “professions with a future” and the Austrian Labor Market Service is also happy to provide information on this topic.

Turning hobbies into a profession? It works.

Your interests play the most important role in choosing an apprenticeship, because without an interest in a profession, you won’t be successful. It’s best to ask yourself the question, “Am I even interested in this apprenticeship?”

If you answer this question with a resounding “no,” it’s probably not the right profession for you. But if you can’t answer this question correctly because you don’t know exactly what activities the profession entails, then you can call a company and ask if you can try it out for a few days.

You can also check the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry to see what apprenticeships are available in Austria.

Are you interested in animals? Then an apprenticeship as an animal keeper is just right for you. Or are you more interested in the kitchen? Then you can find out which companies in your area offer apprenticeships in the catering sector.

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The Internet also offers plenty of information. Find out which activities are involved in which profession and weigh them against your personal interests, then you’re sure to find the right apprenticeship.

Pay attention to demand when choosing a training position

In certain areas of the professional world, the demand for apprenticeships is higher than in others. Ideally, you’ll find a profession that you like and where demand isn’t too high. For example, you could imagine doing an apprenticeship as a nurse? Here I would recommend to sign up early enough, because the demand is higher than for a hairdressing apprenticeship. The fewer skilled workers there are for this profession, the higher your chances of getting an apprenticeship.

The location and the right means of transport

When choosing an apprenticeship, you should also consider the location, because you can also go wrong here. Let’s say you found the perfect job, but you have to get up 4 hours earlier every day to get to work. That may be a short-term solution, but always remember that training takes at least two to three years. In the long run, this serves no one, and you could quickly lose interest and enjoyment in the “perfect job.”

If you don’t yet have a driver’s license or your own car, it’s better to choose a training position that may be close to you or easily accessible by public transportation.

Nowadays, it is not easy to find a job that is “perfect” for you in every way. Nevertheless, I would like to help a little with my tips and hope that everyone finds the apprenticeship of their choice.