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From the engineers: Nerf gun tuning

Written on September 27, 2018 by Florian Windbichler

Anexia? What do they have to do with Nerf guns? It is easy to explain: At our summer party this year, Christoph from the Network Operations department won such a toy gun in the raffle. Of course, the colleagues from the technical department can no longer go into work unprotected – which led to more and more Nerf battles and more and more tuning. And as we at Anexia are used to, all knowledge is shared, including that about Nerf gun tuning. Marcel showed me how the simple Nerf Stryfe is given a Voltage Mod.

What do you need?

  • Nerf Stryfe
  • 50cm of cable (1,5mm² core)
  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • Approx. 30min Time
  • Three batteries
  • One screw
  • A little bit of soldering experience


Nerfgun Tuning


First you have to unscrew the nerf and take off one half. Turn the nerf to the back where all the screws are. (Caution: Please make sure that you have removed the batteries).

After opening we start to remove the intestines of the nerf. This includes all cables and switches except the trigger switch. To remove the cables from the switch, you will need a soldering iron. Leave the cable connected to the battery and the switch connected for now. So you know later where is the positive and the negative pole.

Then you can disconnect the cables from the motors. Here are four resistors which must not be removed, because otherwise the engine speed would become too high. I recommend you also to leave a cable on it to make tuning easier for you.

Now you can already solder the minus cable to the resistor of the motor and lead it to the minus pole of the battery and solder it there. Afterwards you put a cable from the positive pole of the switch at the trigger to the positive resistance of the motor. Then solder another cable from the battery to the trigger switch. Insolate the cables with insolating tape. If a cable should come loose once, it comes less easily to contact. Make sure that the cables are in the previous cable ducts so that you don’t have any problems during assembly. Marcel also likes to do a function test before he inserts all the screws, so he doesn’t have to disassemble everything if he made a mistake.

Now we come to the batteries. Three batteries but room for four? Four batteries of this type would generate too much electricity, so we replace one with a screw. This is isolated from with a cut off nerf arrow.

That’s it. It’s that easy to improve the range of your nerf by six meters. Please note that such modifications may cause injury and void your warranty.

If that was too much text for you, you can watch Marcel’s tutorial on Nerf Tuning as a video. (see above)

If you’ve tuned your nerf now, but don’t have any colleagues to duel with, you’re welcome to apply: