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New jobs and what you should know about

Written on February 12, 2016 by Nadine Pingert

Currently, we have 19 open positions on our homepage. We will learn how this happened, what is planned for the future, and what you should have to get started at Anexia today from our HR manager Christina.


Why should applicants choose you, what makes Anexia a good employer?

Aside from our legendary Christmas holiday parties (laughs), we have a super spirit in the company. Working at Anexia is great.

In addition to interesting, diversified tasks, along with awesome colleagues, we offer our employees a long-term, lasting partnership with equal rights and obligations on both sides, with flexible working hours and performance-based pay and the option to develop further in a company active at the international level.

We treat all employees as if they were our only and most important one. We meet their needs individually because only people who feel comfortable and appreciated enjoy going to work and have fun doing what they do. And we round off all of this with some benefits for our employees. Hard work and dedication are rewarded with a wide range of opportunities.


What must an applicant have to be of interest to you, and for you to invite him or her to an interview?

Phew, I don’t even know where to start – there are so many different answers to that. It is important for the application to stick out among others. There isn’t a lot of time to assess the application, so the first impression really counts. Mistakes in the writing, unstructured, and “untidy” applications unfortunately have a negative effect. The more creative and unique the application, the better.

A small incentive: We have had applicants who have hidden riddles in their application to stand out from the crowd. A Java developer sent us his 3-page résumé in the form of a class with methods in which he encapsulated his professional experience. There have also been PHP developers who have sent their résumés in PHP code or even an applicant who sent us an A4-format QR code that led to a cool website featuring his application. Things like this really impress of, of course. To date, we haven’t received any video applications, but maybe now we will get one. I am eager to see what our applicants will think of next.


What do you expect from applicants, what do they absolutely have to have to fit in at Anexia?

When we receive applications where it is obvious at first glance that the applicant focused individually on our company and really put some thought into it, ones that make you “feel” that this person really wants to become part of our community and to realize our vision – that’s a good start. The applicant should bring along commitment and the will to accept new challenges. And a cool application is the first step!


Do you look for a certain type?

There is no prototype of an employee we would like to have. The chemistry has to be right and the skills described in the employment ad have to be there. The ads we currently have posted are as individual as the applications we receive for them. Our search ranges from senior Python developers, to accountants, to web designers. And I’d like to put an end to certain prejudices some applicants may face:

Women in IT?

No problem, the IT world may still be dominated by men, but we have women in every area of our company that deliver as good of results as their male counterparts.

You are a young team – am I too old for Anexia?

Currently, our average age is thirty years. We are looking for young employees who want to start their careers at Anexia, but we are also looking for “older” employees whose experience can be a benefit to us – age thus plays no role in our decision.

I recently graduated from a technical school, and you are just looking for employees with experience. How can I gain experience if no one is willing to give me a chance?

Right now, we have also posted positions that do not require much experience, like the posting for a customer service agent. We also try, as often as possible, to give young people with little experience the chance to gain experience and incorporate their knowledge into our company. You learn something new every day and no one knows everything – we are aware of this – but we try to enable our employees to develop personally.


What opportunities do future employees have within your company?

As a company active at the international level, we have many opportunities to offer our future employees, starting from global data center operation to software development, along with the option to realize their potential in sales or take on a role as a project manager. At present, we are looking for new employees in nearly all our departments. Good people have a wide variety of options to grow. We provide further training programs and further training options to offer our employees a vision in the long term.

At this point, it is also important to mention that all positions are newly created, and not written in search of replacements. For us, it is essential to establish a long-term relationship with our employees because working together helps us to reach our goal of conquering the world. (laughs)


The first step is always the hardest – do you remember your start at Anexia?

Yes, I remember it as if it were yesterday, even though it was quite some time ago. Back then, there were only about as half as many employees, but nothing about the procedure itself has changed. Upon entry, the employee is assigned a type of “mental coach.” At the beginning especially, having someone to turn to really helps. I was welcomed with open arms by both colleagues and management.

As a young employee, I was given the chance to prove myself and show what I have. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many companies. Not once have I regretted my decision to join Anexia! It’s fun, exciting, and you learn a lot.