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Office dogs – interview with our four-legged Anexians

Written on November 13, 2017 by Lucia Schöpfer

A good office climate is created not only by having plants in the office; other living creatures, such as dogs, also ensure a good atmosphere. At Anexia, every day is a bring-your-dog-to-work-day because here you don’t need to hide your pet in a backpack or handbag. You can take your dog to work here. According to studies, animals reduce stress and improve health. When you come to the office in the morning, look into big doggy eyes, and are greeted profusely, you will be able to start your day much more motivated.

Gismo, Akira, Otto, Henry, and Twighly, are the dogs of our Anexians. They are lively and bring a breath of fresh air into their department. Whether they make the employees dance, chase after lights and shadows, or look for lost dogs in their spare time, we cannot imagine the office without them and therefore are presenting them to you in this blog post.




This is my owner Alexandra Bruckner
This is her job at Anexia Software Development
How I help her I cuddle and snore comfortably at the office. I ensure she gets some exercise with walks outdoors in the fresh air in the morning, lunch time, and afternoon.
How old am I 8 years
My breed Maltese
How to recognize me Distinctive, high-frequency squeaky barking
My friends at the office I let myself be stroked by carefully selected employees – all others jump when I ask them to.
I like to chew on this toy especially Sticks. Other than that, I only chew on edible things, otherwise the effort is simply not worth it. Even bones, etc., are only interesting as long as there is still meat on them.
My hobbies Barking at people (as already mentioned they jump beautifully when I do), chasing after stones and balls (bringing them back is stupid, but I always like to run after them!)




This is my owner Monika
This is her job at Anexia Software Project Management
How I help her By spreading a cheerful mood in hard times and making sure that my owner gets some fresh air every once in a while.
My owner calls me Otto and sometimes Ottokar (if I supposedly misbehave)
How old am I 10 years
My breed Dalmatian
How to recognize me My spots of course and no, we Dalmatians do not all look the same!
My friends in the office Friends? If you have food, you are my friend!
I like to chew on this toy especially My super-hard chewing root. One day I will get it down!
My hobbies Eat, sleep, eat, eat, and ok … I do have to do some exercise too.




This is my owner Susanne Meier
This is her job at Anexia .NET development and front-end development (AngularJS)
How I help her I ensure she takes regular breaks and gets fresh air
My owner calls me Henry (sometimes also Brummbär, because I often make murmuring sounds)
How old am I 7 years
My breed Entlebucher Mountain Dog mix
How to recognize me Large fluttering ears
My favorite place at Anexia Hidden under the table, but still having the whole office in my view
My hobbies Finding anything that is edible and pet searches (Henry is a search dog, he helps to find escaped dogs.)




This is my owner Eva Krobath
This is her job at Anexia Accounts receivable
How I help her Mood enhancer in the morning (welcome committee for the whole department)
My owner calls me Gismo, Muki, Gisi, Bärli. I respond to all those names, but I just have a little trouble with obedience.
How old am I 5 years
My breed Mixed
How to recognize me You don’t have to recognize me, because I introduce myself with a nice greeting to everyone. My fur color is also unmistakable.
My favorite place at Anexia The whole Anexia premises. I freely move around where my owner takes me along and lay down wherever it happens to be most interesting.
I like to chew on this toy especially Anexia Cloud, balls




This is my owner Johannes Klempin
This is his job at Anexia Software Developer
How I help him Through me my owner gets some exercise during the work day because he takes me for walks
How old am I 7 months
My breed French Bulldog
How to recognize me Huge ears and really boisterous
My friends at the office Christoph Slamanig, Martin Rader, and Alexandra Bruckner with her dog Twighly
My favorite place at Anexia My owner’s lap
I like to chew on this toy especially Stuffed animal doctor and tiger
My hobbies Chasing lights and shadows, eating everything I find on the ground, cuddling with my owner and others.

We don’t just have technical nerds and hobby gardeners. No, we also have animal lovers. Can you make our office more exciting and diverse with your versatility as well? If you want to be part of the Anexia family, apply now: