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One for all, all on one

Written on September 1, 2014 by Maria Gröchenig

On 08/30/14, almost the entire staff of ANEXIA came together at the summer-party in Grafenstein, Carinthia. To put a hat – or a bucket in our case – on the already very liquid and cheerful afternoon we translated the following recipe into action.



  • 30 kg ice-cubes
  • 30 colorful buckets
  • 30 motivated ANEXIANS
  • 3 cameras
  • 1 boss
  • 1 sense for the good cause

Mix all the ingredients in a video and spice it with a few tricks of our in-house graphic designer pxlboss.

Now see for yourself, what came out – we absolutely enjoyed it! 🙂

Along these lines we want to thank the whole Mikula family for the opportunity and the warm hospitality. In particular the perfect location makes days like these an iconic experience.