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Pioneers Festival 2014

Written on October 29, 2014 by Nadine Pingert

At the end of October our marketing team visited the Pioneers Festival in the Vienna Hofburg.

Apart from very interesting lectures, we also had the opportunity to check out the great innovations of the represented startup companies ourselves.

We were particularly impressed by the invention Panono: a ball, which is equipped with 36 cameras all around. It is built resilient in order to provide an optimal usage. The Panono is designed for being thrown up high in the air, where it takes 360° panoramic photographs of the respective surrounding. Its outcome could be sighted in an Oculus Rift, where we had the feeling to walk through Tokyo ourselves and to stand in the middle of the Times Square in the next moment. At the car racing game Anki Drive we felt like taking part at once. It consists of a race course and the corresponding cars. What makes it so special is that the cars are controlled by smart phones. Actually, the only goal is to shoot the opponents off the racing course–but doing this via smart phone is just fun!

Also the presentation of the AeroMobil 3.0 was a real highlight. It is a crossover of car and plane, which can reach up to 100mph ashore and 125mph airborne. According to its Slovakian developers, the AeroMobil could even go into production soon.

Altogether, a good mixture of real innovations and funny gadgets was represented at the Pioneers Festival. Moreover, we were generously provided with catering, drinks and even small locker boxes with charging cables for our phones. We are absolutely looking forward to the festival next year.