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10 lessons from 10 years Anexia

Written on June 9, 2016 by Lucia Schöpfer

Ten years ago, on the First of June 2006 Anexia was founded as “Hosting & Internet Provider” in Klagenfurt. Back in the days we tried to keep the pot boiling with programming jobs: Just to buy pizza and server. Looking at Anexia today, there’s a company with over 110 employees and eight offices in Europe and Northern America – with customers from all over the world. „Programming jobs“ turned into a department, that now develops software for governments, public institutions as well as for some smaller and some bigger companies, which leads to much healthier food than pizza. „Hosting & Internet Provider“ became a Managed Hosting Service, that processes billions of data packets day by day. We are responsible for the IT infrastructure of companies, guaranteeing them to be able to operate successfully and doing so to make a living for their families.

Anexia is ten. It started as a graduation project and is now one of the most up-and-coming IT companies in Europe. It’s time to look back. Just for a second: Because looking back also means learning for the future. Just if you get wiser through experience, you can go on successfully. Here are 10 lessons from 10 years Anexia.



1. „Knowing you can always count on me“

Jürgen is a part of Anexia since the first years. With customers like yatego we are working together for nine years: Only if your employees and partners trust you, customers can trust in you as well.



2. All-rounder needed

Anexia was able to grow rapidly in the last 10 years. That is only possible with a team of competent and smart members. Like Roman for example. He is one of our best software developers and now working for over eight years at Anexia. And not only at the PC he’s staying cool, when it’s getting hot: he’s also in charge of the perfect meat at Anexia’s Barbecues.



3. The right infrastructure

Everyone needs to start from scratch. Ten years ago, Anexia started as a graduation project. And parents needed to learn the truth: Hosting needs a lot of power. We learned a lot from our first steps, which leads now to the fact, that Anexia’s server set-up gives a minimum of more than 99.99% availability each year with little costs.



4. Awards

“If you win too much, you will go down”. That saying often circulates through the editorial offices, when companies are winning a lot of awards. 2013 Anexia has won its first prize: the eco Internet Award for the best Internet Service Provider. Since then, we’re demonstrating the opposite.



5. Show courage

Innovations are a hot topic these days – but just talking about it, is not enough. Courage is needed to do the first steps in a new field. With the decision to install the World Wide Cloud, Anexia demonstrated, that we dare to make something new – and arrange ourselves with sleepless nights.



6. Engagement for young talents

We established a highly available server infrastructure and individual software solutions for our customers – with commitment and passion. Anexia’s roots are in Klagenfurt and we stick to it. Therefore, we need a team of young and talented people from the region. Currently we’re counting round about 60 employees at the headquarter in Klagenfurt. And we keep growing, to fight the region’s brain drain and to promote the local economy.



7. Beyond your own nose

2009 Anexia’s first server location out of Austria in Munich opened, today we are running over 60 server locations in over 40 countries all over the world. Anexia started in Austria but the global success is our goal. And we are happy to see, that over the last ten years, we are getting step by step closer to that goal. The current locations can be seen here.



8. Agility

A rolling stone gathers no moss. We are ten now, but no complaints of old age. The motto is still: be agile, react fast, implement successful and achieve customer satisfaction. Our scrum masters are extreme experienced and make sure, that the processes and methods of the project management keep individual and adaptable.



9. Meet’n‘Greet

New York, Chicago or Cologne: we love to go out and communicate with the people – we appreciate to be at trade shows and events, to get connected with opinion leaders and to eavesdrop the trends on the market. Find out about the next chances to meet us here.



10. Know how to party

Last but not least lesson learned in ten years: you need to be able to enjoy the moment to charge new energy for the following steps.


We are looking forward to all the new lessons in the next ten years and the years, that will follow.