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Case Study: MaaS solution for on-demand personal transportation

Written on September 9, 2022 by Michael Hiess

Mikro-Mobility Solutions

People who live away from urban centers often ask themselves, how they can get to public transport easily and quickly without their own vehicle. Micro-mobility solutions in public transport provide a solution in such cases. This refers to mobility offers for demand-oriented individual transport, also known as “shared cabs”. For the economic success of these offerings, it is important to enable a reduction in consumption and CO₂ emissions while simultaneously increasing mobility.


MaaS – Mobility as a Service

With Anexia Drive, (Anexia’s Mobility as a Service solution) these seemingly contradictory goals can be achieved very easily. The scalable, cloud based MaaS solution is suitable for all tasks that require intelligent and dynamic route planning for vehicle dispatching to create the most economical and environmentally friendly routes.

The optimization algorithms implemented in Anexia Drive were developed as part of a research project at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt. The algorithms are able to solve even the most complex routing requirements. Considering all bookings, vehicles, and parameters, the most environmentally friendly, cost- and time-saving routes are continuously calculated and adjusted. Even when the underlying parameters are constantly changing. The use of electric vehicles is also possible without any problems with Anexia Drive, as the system automatically considers the necessary charging breaks.

Mikro ÖV - MaaS Anexia Drive

Anexia Drive – the cloud-based MaaS solution

The cloud-based Mobility as a Service solution provides a scalable platform which handles all operations. In addition to Anexia Drive, operators only need vehicles and drivers to launch a micro public transport service. The fully customizable software enables operators, transport companies, municipalities, and regions to offer an environmentally friendly service for on-demand private transport quickly and efficiently.


Anexia won the special award “Green Technologies – R&D for the Future” of the province of Carinthia with Anexia Drive and is nominated for the state award “Econovius” in autumn.


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Link to the free download of the micro-public transport case study  (German version).



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