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Worldwide Hosting by Anexia

With over international datacenter locations, Anexia can quickly offer server capacity in every corner of the world. This not only allows your company to develop new markets, but by also allowing you to create test or production environments - taking advantage of deadlines based on different time zones. Anexia: your partner for worldwide hosting Straightforward, highly available and secure.

Worldwide Hosting by Anexia
Anexia's World Wide Cloud (WWC)

<p>With its World Wide Cloud (WWC), Anexia is the only ISP in the world that can provide virtual server capacity in almost every corner of the world within a few minutes. Internal guidelines and quality standards ensure clearly structured installations and configurations on our worldwide server locations. This allows us to offer our customers numerous managed hosting services that can be established without long lead times or nasty surprises. This is possible only because we rely on carrier-neutral partners, high-quality hardware and a technical team that's the crème de la crème. Here is some key data about the overall capacity of Anexia's World Wide Cloud. Come back later and you'll see the values increasing constantly over time.</p>

Key global data

Backbone capacity

230 GBit / sec

Storage capacity

65.000 TB

Virtual servers


Available RAM

100.000 GB


ISO 9001, ISO 27001, VMware VCloud Powered

Server locations

arround the world


Consistently n+1

Certified hardware

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The highest quality, reliability and stability – these are what you would expect from an ideal business partner. We want to be that partner for you.

Our services have received numerous awards granted by independent juries. So we let you know that our words are not just empty promises.

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