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Siri Shortcuts: Make life easier for your users

Siri is a voice-based assistant from Apple that can be used with the company’s products such as the iPhone, Apple TV, or the HomePod. As a third-party provider you can also use Siri for your services. iOS apps can be expanded using so-called Siri Shortcuts. These enable particular functions of your app to be executed by voice control.

Indeed, using Siri Shortcuts with the HomePod, Apple’s intelligent home sound system, can be an exciting channel to get connected with your users. Whether it concerns broadcasting media (music or podcasts) or adding information (to-do lists, appointments, etc.), many of your app’s functions can faster and more intuitive when used with a voice-based assistant.

Siri Shortcuts as app extensions
Siri Shortcuts as app extensions

Siri Shortcuts can be used with iOS version 12 and above and also run on the Apple HomePod. For shortcut development, the programming language Swift is recommended – and it is also commonly used by the developers at Anexia. iPhone users can also “program” Siri Shortcuts themselves. Third-party providers can expand their apps with Siri Shortcuts, thereby either enlarging the functionality of the app or improving usability. For the development of such shortcut extensions, the choice of technology is of course dependent on the existing app. With Anexia, not only can you have your Siri Shortcuts programmed, but we will also be happy to advise you on the subject without obligation.

One for all One for all

Anexia developers are Apple experts – whether it be for iPhone apps, Apple TV, the Apple Watch or indeed for the HomePod and Siri Shortcuts. This makes us your one-stop partner for all Apple app developments and extensions.

Quality management Quality management

We place the highest priority on the quality of all the services we provide. Our project managers are trained Scrum Masters. Anexia has its quality management system ISO 9001-certified every year by the TÜV Nord.

Modular system for projects Modular system for projects

Divide your project up: Do you wish to start with a Siri Shortcut and decide later whether to also have your existing app refactored? Our agile project management uses Scrum and can create jobs from individual modules and thus modify them step by step.

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Why software development by Anexia?

Our development teams have many years of experience in the design and implementation of sophisticated individual software solutions and mobile apps. Our quality web apps are platform-independent and compatible with all popular browsers. We place top priority on the quality of our work and maximize reliability, security and operability with our expertise and standardization.

Certified Quality

Our services have been successfully certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2015 by TÜV Nord.


So that we can remain your reliable partner for many years, we operate a financial management that goes beyond the industry average.


We have been given a credit rating of 176 (very good credit) by Creditreform.

Since 2006

Anexia has been in business since June 2006 and we are especially proud that our company has been able to turn a profit right from the beginning.


Our services have received numerous awards granted by independent juries.

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Your concerns are our first priority. That’s why we always take care of all matters personally.

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