High-Traffic Portals

by Anexia

High-Traffic portals – when only the best will do

If there’s a massive number of simultaneous users on a website, the smallest error or sloppiness in the programming can be fatal. Once your site hits a certain level of users, it makes sense to shift individual processes and requests to different, specialized servers and programs. Anexia enjoys a home-field advantage when it comes to these matters, because we are developers, technicians and high performance server hosts all in one.

Handle peak loads with high-traffic portals by Anexia
Handle peak loads with high-traffic portals by Anexia

Anexia can draw on ample experience in the development and operation of high-traffic portals. At peak times (such as after a TV spot), some of the portals hosted by us have received as many as 35,000 or more requests per second and still deliver content reliably and without delays. That’s why so many well-known operators rely on our expertise and infrastructure.

Experience on more than 30 projects Experience on more than 30 projects

Many renowned international companies from every industry have placed the reliability of their essential website in our hands. And we do not take that responsibility lightly: we offer 24/7 monitoring and 30-minute response times to guarantee our customers peaceful nights. No matter what comes, we are ready with all means.

240.000 requests per minute 240.000 requests per minute

Customized HA cluster services linked to the most advanced storage technologies and programming to match promise the fail-safe and fast appearance of your online portal. The option for horizontal scalability also allows your resources to be rapidly expanded to meet serious issues.

ANEXIA is interdisciplinary ANEXIA is interdisciplinary

We offer everything you need under one roof – development and technology cover everything you need for an absolute top-notch high-traffic portal. With locations around the world, conducting business in international markets with only one contact person is no longer a problem.

Let yourself be convinced by our references
Full performance even at peak loads

Always enough reserve capacity

Scalable power

Full performance even at peak loads

The development of high-traffic portals is a science and requires thorough planning and extensive knowledge in the areas of code-optimization, hardware-performance and network-technology. To be able to deliver full capacity at peak loads of over 200,000 requests per minute, all components of a portal must be carefully tuned. Each query is optimized and framework-based components are trimmed by hand for maximum performance. That way images are stored on a different server accessed with different software than, for example, executable code. Popular objects are in turn supplied by proxies or other caching systems and peak loads are divided into scalable hardware structures in real time. In order to be absolutely certain of our systems to perform in emergencies, we subject them to intensive load tests in advance.

Maximum availability
Load balancing
Modern technologies

The highest quality, reliability and stability – these are what you would expect from an ideal business partner. We want to be that partner for our customers.

And to show that this is not an empty promise, we’ve provided the evidence. ANEXIA is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2015 certified. Our Creditreform credit rating from November 2018 is 176, well above the industry average.

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