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Android - the world’s #1 operating system

Published by Google, Android is an open-source platform running on more than 2 billion smartphones and tablets worldwide. In order to open up markets fully, there’s no getting around having an Android app. Our team of experts draws on many years of experience in the development of Android apps and makes the impossible possible.

Anexia is your gateway to a customized Android app
Anexia is your gateway to a customized Android app

Do you already have an idea or a mental picture as to how you want your Android app to look? We at Anexia will develop your customized application to suit all devices. You want your new app in the Google Play Store and linked to your existing application or your current online portal? Consider it done.

A wealth of experience A wealth of experience

There is no problem in the development of Android apps that our experts haven’t mastered yet. You can trust our team to bring your app to market - on time and on budget.

Full support Full support

Anexia will guide you from the design stage through to implementation and publication in the Google Play Store. Needless to say, we’re also looking after your ongoing maintenance requirements.

One-stop shop One-stop shop

Whether you need utility apps, productivity applications, or business solutions with comprehensive functionality - sophisticated applications that handle in innovative ways are our specialty. We are a one-stop shop providing draft, design, and programing services.

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Android - the world’s most popular operating system

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Most affordable devices.

Android - the world’s most popular operating system

Android apps are run on more than 2 billion smartphones and tablets in over 190 countries worldwide. These impressive figures make Google’s operating system the global market leader for mobile devices.

The programing languages of choice in the development of apps are object-oriented Java and Kotlin. Speed-critical tasks can be implemented using the Android NDK (Native Development Kit) in C/C++. The graphical user interface is created using the popular markup language XML.

Android is an open-source system based on a Linux kernel (license: Apache 2.0, GPLv2). As the operating system is not tied to proprietary Google hardware, any manufacturer is free to use Android. Thanks to Android’s few restrictions, independent software designers are able to develop and publish applications simply, fast, and on a budget. Programing can be done in Windows, macOS, or Linux using a variety of integrated development environments (IDEs). The official IDE, which is the one preferred by our developers, is Android Studio based on IntelliJ IDEA.

All Android apps can be linked to a variety of Google services e.g. Firebase Messaging Service (FCM) for push notifications, Google Maps, Google Drive.

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