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Amazon Alexa skills: simple but diverse

Amazon Alexa is an intelligent, web-connected speaker that reacts to voice commands and performs functions for the user. Its functionality can be enlarged using what are known as Alexa skills. These skills are predesigned scenarios in which a particular command causes a particular action to be carried out. Use cases for these Alexa skills are diverse, such as guiding the user step-by-step through a cooking recipe, controlling appliances in a smart home, managing to-do and appointments lists, or interactive gaming – to name only a few.

Alexa skill development
Alexa skill development

Users can enter many simple Alexa skills themselves. For more complex functions, skills can be downloaded from Amazon (either free or paid-for). Additionally, as a third-party provider, you can offer your own skill so as to reach your users via Alexa with your product or service. We can help you implement more complex skills: conception of ideas, defining scope, Alexa skill development, and uploading to Amazon.

No minimum project scope No minimum project scope

Whatever the size of your project: a complete rebuild of your online presence, including mobile app and voice-based assistant, or only Alexa skill development? We support customer projects of all kinds and sizes. Contact us to arrange a personal consultation.

Agile project management Agile project management

Prefer to start with a mobile app and have the Alexa skill development later? No problem. Agile project management with Scrum gives you and us an overview of the scope of your project at any time and offers to adjust project content accordingly.

Personal contact partner Personal contact partner

Your software project is accompanied by your personal project manager. To ensure that our high-quality standards for service are maintained, our entire developer team is based in Austria and Germany, allowing you direct, rapid, and personal contact with them.

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Our development teams have many years of experience in the design and implementation of sophisticated individual software solutions and mobile apps. Our quality web apps are platform-independent and compatible with all popular browsers. We place top priority on the quality of our work and maximize reliability, security and operability with our expertise and standardization.

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Our services have been successfully certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2015 by TÜV Nord.


So that we can remain your reliable partner for many years, we operate a financial management that goes beyond the industry average.


We have been given a credit rating of 176 (very good credit) by Creditreform.

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Anexia has been in business since June 2006 and we are especially proud that our company has been able to turn a profit right from the beginning.


Our services have received numerous awards granted by independent juries.

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Your concerns are our first priority. That’s why we always take care of all matters personally.

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