Intranet and Extranet solutions

by Anexia

Intranet & Extranet for efficient corporate communications

In times where knowledge is a company’s most valuable asset and the efficient, comprehensible flow of information is crucial to remaining competitive, company-specific workflows and custom intranet solutions are essential. Anexia designs and develops customized intranet and extranet solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Intranet and Extranet solutions by Anexia increase your productivity
Intranet and Extranet solutions by Anexia increase your productivity

The ranges of application for intranets and extranets are almost unlimited. Whatever you need to support and model your workflows - we can implement everything from simple knowledge bases to complex applications. The more unique your business processes, the more you will benefit from a tailor-made solution. When developing intranet solutions, Anexia relies on established frameworks such as ExtJS, Zend or Symphony to implement your project quickly.

Numerous projects Numerous projects

Global companies with locations around the world rely on our solutions. We provide centralized management, communication and exchange of data as simply, securely and quickly as possible.

Established frameworks Established frameworks

Depending on the nature of your company’s requirements, we select a suitable framework to create your individual solution. This makes any upgrades or emergencies in the future no big problem.

Mobile Ready Extranets Mobile Ready Extranets

It’s often important to be able to access internal resources as simply as possible, especially when faced with precarious situations. We offer environments that make such access readily available.

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Intranet and Extranet Systems – a Must-Have

Centralized maintenance and data management

Access from all internet-enabled devices

Intranet and Extranet Systems – a Must-Have

In principle, an intranet or extranet is a network that can only be accessed via a login. This can include not only information, but also applications (RIA - Rich Internet Applications).



Whether sales, dispatch, procurement, support or production, the most important thing in a modern enterprise is the smooth flow of information as well as the systematic collection and documentation of corporate knowledge. Information needs to be quickly accessible anywhere and at any time. This is where an intranet (access only for devices within the corporate network) or an extranet (access also from outside, via the internet after authentication) plays fullest to its strengths. Authorized persons only need an internet-compatible device to obtain full access to all of the information stored on the intranet, anytime and anywhere.

Maximum flexibility
Quick access
No installation required
Easy to maintain
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