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webOS TV apps for LG smart TVs

LG TVs are known for their high-quality OLED screens and unrivalled Dolby Atmos sound. With the web-based webOS or LG webOS operating system, the TV experience is taken to another level for the end consumer. Smart TVs are currently being equipped with the user-friendly operating system: the focus of webOS is clearly on ease of navigation. Since the takeover of webOS by LG in 2013, the stable, high-performance operating system has been integrated into over 70 million LG smart TVs. Smart functions and apps deliver a new entertainment experience and offer you the opportunity to open up a new channel to your customers.

webOS TV apps for LG smart TVs
Simple, clear structure and sophisticated search function
Simple, clear structure and sophisticated search function

In addition to a clean interface, webOS offers a very effective voice-activated assistant for searches. This is based on a combination of LG’s own content search and Google Assistant. Apps are divided into straightforward categories in the LG Content Store, including entertainment, sport and lifestyle, which makes both user searches and finding apps easier. Apps can be installed easily and arranged by the user as required. The webOS TV platform makes it possible to develop web apps with a wide variety of features. With this optimized platform, we can design the right app for you individually.

Minimalistic, structured, professional Minimalistic, structured, professional

The minimalistic, structured interface makes navigation straightforward. The apps are arranged in individual rows at the bottom of the screen. On this tidy interface, an app attracts attention if it has a clear message and an appealing design. The user’s lean-back experience can be enhanced with the right design.

Web apps with webOS Web apps with webOS

webOS allows web apps to be developed for smart TVs. Thanks to the use of standard technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the webOS web apps are similar to the familiar standard web apps. Unlike normal web apps, however, web apps for webOS smart TVs are optimized for larger displays and the lean-back experience.

Development for smart TVs Development for smart TVs

Our developers know how to design an app that is right for a smart TV. Optimization for larger displays and design for a lean-back experience for the end consumer are at the heart of development. We support you from the concept, through development, to the launch in the LG Content Store (LG Store). Make the most of our experience in developing apps.

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Development of the webOS operating system
Development of the webOS operating system

The webOS operating system was originally designed by Palm in 2009. A year later, the company was taken over by Hewlett-Packard (HP). In these early years, webOS was not able to establish itself and it was taken over by LG in 2013. LG changed the user interface and optimized it for smart TVs at that time. The exclusive focus on smart TVs has paid off, as the success of the operating system shows. Simple and clear structures and a minimalistic interface are the distinctive features of webOS today.

In March 2018 LG made webOS available to developers and consumers as the webOS Open Source Edition. The aim in future is to take webOS from an operating system purely for smart TVs to an operating system for various end devices. Using the webOS Open Source Edition, developers can already familiarize themselves with the features and characteristics of webOS.

Open source software
Clear structure
Sophisticated voice-activated function
Optimized for smart TVs
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Our development teams have many years of experience in the design and implementation of sophisticated individual software solutions and mobile apps. Our quality web apps are platform-independent and compatible with all popular browsers. We place top priority on the quality of our work and maximize reliability, security and operability with our expertise and standardization.

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