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Anexia in the media
Winner of the Carinthia 2024 Innovation and Research Award chosen News, 2024/05/16

Neptun, On Point Medicals, Mai International and SAL were honored in their categories. The Special Award “Green Technologies - R&D for the Future” went to Anexia.

“Anexia Rail” wins Innovation and Research Award Klick Kärnten, 2024/05/16

The “Anexia Rail” project was awarded the Innovation & Research Award of Carinthia for its innovative AI-supported logistics and personnel planning.

Award-winning innovations made in Carinthia Kleine Zeitung, 2024/05/15

Innovative Carinthian companies were awarded the Research Award of Carinthia.

Data centers are becoming a scarce commodity DiePresse, 2024/03/08

Artificial intelligence requires huge computing capacities. Large data centers are needed to meet this demand worldwide. However, these place special demands on the real estate.

The year of artificial intelligence, 2024/02/01 asked 42 experts about the most important IT topics for 2024. Security remains a perennial topic, fueled not least by the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence, which is the top IT trend for 2024 for all respondents.

“Europe's digital sovereignty is gaining in importance”, 2024/02/01

Alexander Windbichler, CEO of Anexia, outlines the most important IT trends for 2024 in an interview with

Alexander Windbichler: From HTL graduate to data industrialist 5min, 2023/10/26

Alexander Windbichler is the founder and CEO of the internationally active Klagenfurt-based cloud service and internet service provider Anexia, with data center locations in 70 countries.

“Learning bees” familiarize children with digitalization Regionalmedien, 2023/09/26

International cloud provider Anexia provides Villach kindergartens with 13 BeeBots. The aim of the “learning bees” to be programmed by children is to familiarize them with the challenges of the digital world at an early age.

Anexia plans new headquarters in Haferdepot Regionalmedien, 2023/08/02

Old substance to be revived: IT service provider Anexia is converting the Haferdepot site in Klagenfurt into a business headquarters with a data center and other facilities.

Decision made for the location of the new Anexia headquarters Kleine Zeitung, 2023/04/15

The Carinthian IT company is on course for growth and is building a new headquarters in Klagenfurt. The cloud service provider wants to produce its own electricity and is looking for space for PV, hydropower and wind power.

How customers experienced the SVB collapse Die Presse, 2023/04/01

The customers of Silicon Valley Bank had to fear for their money for days. They were not spoken to.


Anexia CEO Alexander Windbichler talks about his customer relationship with the insolvent Silicon Valley Bank. How it came about, why he didn't lose any money and what lessons he has learned from it. “SVB was a bank that understood us.”


More than 37,000 customers, with an average of 4.2 million dollars in their accounts: Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was the house bank for half the start-up world in the USA and beyond. The bank's collapse last week sent shockwaves through the industry - all the way to Austria. Today we speak exclusively to a founder whose company was directly affected by the crash.

“Planes don't take off without the cloud” Kleine Zeitung, 2022/09/04

Alexander Windbichler (35) founded Anexia as a high school graduate. The company is now represented on every continent. In this interview, he describes the consequences of the lack of European cloud providers and reveals whether he will ever be offline. 


Many Carinthians fear for their data following the cyberattack on IT systems of the country. IT expert Alexander Windbichler from Klagenfurt explains the background and protection options in the “Krone” newspaper.


Carinthia is in trouble after the hacker attack. Anexia boss Windbichler is an expert; he has 350,000 attacks a day. A conversation about the IT mafia, dark figures and ransom money.

The first Anexian Kärntner Monat, 2022/01/01

A little bit from another planet and a whole lot Carinthian: Alexander Windbichler (35), the founder and CEO of IT service provider Anexia.

Creative idea from a Klagenfurt company brings a donation for the TiKo animals 5 Minuten, 2021/09/06

The TiKo is delighted to have received a large donation from Anexia as part of a company challenge to mark its 15th anniversary.

Alexander Windbichler | Anexia founder: “I'm taking the conservative path that used to be the norm” Kleine Zeitung, 2021/06/19

Alexander Windbichler founded Anexia 15 years ago. The internet service provider has reinvented itself several times since then, but stability is what counts most in economic terms.

Anexia takes over insolvent startup Hex TrendingTopics, 2021/01/20

Wow, what a story – and then one with a happy ending. As we reported, the Carinthian software startup Hex around Philipp Hungerländer slipped into insolvency proceedings at the end of 2020 - the COVID crisis was too much for the young company's ambitious plans. [...]

Anexia gets Hex and wipes out insolvency Kleine Zeitung, 2021/01/20

A new start for the algorithm start-up Hex, which had slipped into bankruptcy: Anexia acquires the software company. Alexander Windbichler has big plans for the new acquisition.

The founder from whose cloud netflix comes to you Zebras & Unicorns Podcast, 2020/11/12

If you flop down on the couch in Austria and stream a Netflix movie, [...]

Why it is good to be underestimated Kleine Zeitung, 11/01/2020

The Carinthia-based IT service provider Anexia operates 97 data centers worldwide. During the pandemic, not only is the volume of data rising sharply, but so is the workload.

Interview with Alexander Windbichler | “I don't want the city to become more digital” Kleine Zeitung, 06/28/2020

Alexander Windbichler (33) is head of Anexia, one of the most successful internet companies in Europe - with Klagenfurt as its headquarters. What opportunities does he see in digitalization for the city?

Europe's “cloud king” comes from Klagenfurt Kronen Zeitung, 06/13/2020

The Carinthian IT company Anexia already has 90 locations worldwide and is competing with Google, Apple & Co. for data centers.

Alexander Windbichler is the man trusted by over 10,000 customers vk24, 04/28/2020

Setting up a company is a piece of cake. Building up a customer base afterwards is often trickier than expected. Born in Lesachtal, Alexander Windbichler was introduced to the big wide world of programming in his early school days [...]

The digital bottleneck in the coronavirus crisis Die Presse, 04/13/2020

Working from home and lockdowns are also making the pandemic a stress test for mobile networks and the internet. The increased data volumes in Austria can still be absorbed well. However, if the supply bottlenecks persist, things will get tight for some company networks and data centers.

Anexia: “As long as data centers have power, air conditioning and a data connection, we are online” TrendingTopics, 04/09/2020

In an interview with Trending Topics, Alexander Windbichler, CEO and founder of Anexia, talks about how his company manages to keep customers' web services online and fend off DDoS attacks at the same time.


SOMEONE IS IN THE RIGHT INDUSTRY! He started out as a shooting star and global whirlwind in IT/web hosting, software and app development. With his irrepressible innovative creative drive and youthful daring, he has achieved an enormous amount. [...]

The guardian of data Antenne Kärnten, 04/02/2020

33-year-old Alexander Windbichler is CEO of Anexia, an IT company that has become indispensable in these times of working from home. With 5,000 business customers worldwide, the company with 250 employees and headquarters in Klagenfurt and other offices in Austria, Germany and America operates over 90 data centers around the globe. [...]

Anexia | IT security for millions of jobs from Austria Kleine Zeitung, 03/28/2020

The data centers at IT service provider Anexia are now running at full speed. Although precautions were taken in good time, things could get tight.

A huge rush on Carinthian retailers! Kärntner Krone, 03/24/2020

The bakery around the corner, the milk vending machine, freshly filled by the farmer, the pasta specialists - they have all picked themselves up again after the first corona shock and have come together under the Carinthian platform “Das pack ma”.

Working from home or the hour of the IT professionals Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung, 03/21/2020

Entire workforces are now working from home and IT service providers are in demand like never before. Some even help free of charge.

Veeam honors Austrian partners at the Veeam Partner Summit 2020 Computerwelt, 02/28/2020

Backup specialist Veeam Software announced the winners of the Veeam Partner Awards 2019 at the Partner Summit in Vienna yesterday evening.

Back to the future Geld Magazin, December 2019

Choosing the right technological trends is becoming more and more decisive for competition, but they no longer exist in isolation.

This is how harmful the internet is to the climate, 12/20/2019

Data centers and server farms have enormous CO2 emissions. More conscious use can improve the situation.

Cloud power from Carinthia Geld Magazin, September 2019

The Klagenfurt-based company Anexia has managed to stand up to internet giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon in the field of cloud hosting. Thanks to customer proximity, maximum security and individual digitalization solutions, Anexia enjoys the trust of many well-known companies.

Technology for the little ones Kärntner Krone, 07/09/2019

The Wölfnitz kindergarten was brought up to date with technology trolleys. The increasing shortage of workers makes it all the more important to familiarize children with new media at an early age. The project is sponsored by Klagenfurt IT giant Anexia.

An Austrian Company with a Worldwide Footprint, 04/23/2019

Anexia is an Austria-based IT provider offering high-quality managed hosting solutions as well as software and app development services. With a focus on delivering customized solutions and hands-on support, Anexia aims to stand out among industry giants like AWS and Azure.

Response to Alibaba and Amazon Kleine Zeitung, 04/17/2019

Armed security forces protect Anexia data centers: “There is a technology and economic war on the Internet,” says Anexia owner Alexander Windbichler.

“We can keep up with Amazon” Kurier, 03/23/2019

Alexander Windbichler on cyber security and the plans of the successful Carinthian cloud provider.

“With brains instead of capital” STEIL Magazin, 03/01/2019

Alexander Windbichler founded Anexia at the age of 19. Today, the company has locations around the world and competes with companies such as Google and Amazon with its high-quality products. In the STEIL interview, the founder talks about his path to success and the difficulties that the IT industry brings with it.

In the cloud Kärntner Monat, 03/04/2019

In today's digitalized world, storage space is a rare commodity. Alexander Windbichler from Klagenfurt and his company Anexia ensure, among other things, that it never runs out.

“Making a career in Carinthia attractive” Kleine Zeitung, 10.11.2018

The University of Klagenfurt is hosting a career fair on November 13. A great opportunity not only for students and graduates, but also for Carinthian companies.

Carinthia's digital heroes Käntner Monat, 31.10.2018

They make their money on the web and are conquering the globe: in recent years, the digital geniuses of our country have taught the big players from Carinthia to be afraid.

Too little cloud knowledge in Austria Computerwelt Spezial, September 2018

Two recent surveys on cloud use in domestic companies clearly show that certain myths, such as the that local data storage is more secure than cloud solutions are slowing down the efficient use of cloud services in Austrian companies. Austrian companies. Time to acquire cloud know-how.

Anexia listens to its technicians and opts for Juniper products Datacenter Insider, 21.08.2018

“We need to strengthen our network considerably.” It was with this insight that the Austrian IT service provider Anexia began the project to completely renew its backbone instead of updating the existing infrastructure.

Anexia continues to expand Kärntner Krone, 02.08.2018

The Austrian cloud provider and IT service provider Anexia, based in Klagenfurt, is further expanding its network infrastructure.

The problem solver Weekend Magazin, 16.05.2018

Alexander Windbichler. The Anexia boss sees his success in offering his customers solutions that actually work. He is focusing on sustainability when it comes to company growth, and the headquarters in Klagenfurt will remain for the time being - mainly for emotional reasons.

“Skills shortage as an obstacle to growth” Kurier, April 5th, 2018

IT service provider Anexia. Founder Alexander Windbichler is suffering from the “brain drain” to Vienna.

Servers, hosting and the cloud Kurier, March 15th, 2018

Storage. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is making companies rethink where they store their data securely.

700 Gbit/s: Largest DDoS attack on Austria measured to date Der Standard, March 5th, 2018

A Distributed Denial of Service attack on Austrian servers has been running at up to 700 gigabits per second over the past few days. According to the Carinthian IT service provider Anexia, this is the largest cyber attack on Austrian IT systems to date.

Austria's largest cyberattack on Carinthian company Kleine Zeitung, March 5th, 2018

The Klagenfurt-based IT service provider Anexia was the target of a gigantic hacker attack - more than 700 gigabits of data hit the servers every second. The attack was repelled.

World's largest cyberattack also targets Austria heute, March 5th, 2018

One of the biggest cyber attacks ever has been underway for days and is also targeting domestic services. The aim: to paralyze websites and companies.

Biggest cyber attack on Austria OE24, March 5th, 2018

Domestic IT service provider was able to fend off the most serious attack to date.

The gatekeeper of Netflix and Co. Die Presse, January 19, 2018

Alexander Windbichler brings global corporations online. His biggest problem: the flood of criminals who paralyze websites. The solution: a robot that automatically blocks attackers.

“3000 attacks per hour” Kärntner Krone, August 10, 2017

The IT company “Anexia”, headquartered in Klagenfurt, is on course for growth. Further jobs are to be created by 2018, and the 85th data center location worldwide has now been opened in the USA. Data center location has now been opened. The high-security facility stores sensitive data from public authorities, insurers and the aviation industry.

“We are growing, but not at any price” Kleine Zeitung, July 3, 2017

Never say start-up to Anexia. Alexander Windbichler, owner and CEO of the IT service provider, is focusing on solid growth. He is now building a new company headquarters in Klagenfurt.

Young bosses trend Premium, May 26, 2017

Extremely young managers are no longer a rarity in politics and business. Digitalization is accelerating this development. However, the rapid rise can also be followed by a rapid fall - if the pitfalls of such situations are not recognized in good time.

Carinthian IT entrepreneur: From high school graduate to global player, May 25, 2017

How 30-year-old Alexander Windbichler is succeeding under his own steam against US Internet giants such as Amazon and Google.

5 questions for... Christian Inzko eco, May 22, 2017

In the column “5 questions for...” we regularly interview innovative minds from the fields of IT / data center operations and hosting. This week we introduce Christian Inzko, COO of Anexia.

From high school graduate to global player Kurier, May 22, 2017

How Carinthian Alexander Windbichler is successful against US internet giants without any investors at all.

Finally 30 Forbes Austria, May 22, 2017

Alexander Windbichler was 19 when he founded Anexia, now a 150-strong IT services company. His youth did not stand in his way. Age, however, created confidence more quickly.

“There is a war going on in our industry” Die Presse, January 15, 2017

“We're not a start-up,” says Alexander Windbichler, one of the country's most successful internet entrepreneurs. He has been in the ring with Google for eleven years, bunkers all series in the basement for Netflix and convinces banks with his “Hättiwari Index”.

Good reputation for certification bodies from D/A IT Director, December 20, 2016

Before certification, you should always consult a consultant who can also advise you on the choice of certification body. This is the view of Christian Inzko, Anexia COO.

EXPANSION INTO GERMANY Telekom+IT Report, December 19, 2016

The Austrian IT company Anexia has acquired the German hosting company netcup.

ANEXIA ACQUIRES NETCUP IT-Business, November 16, 2016

The Austrian hoster Anexia is buying its German competitor netcup. In future, the company will operate as an independent unit in a strategic alliance with its new parent company.

THE MASTER OF THE DATA trend, October 13, 2016

Klagenfurt entrepreneur ALEXANDER WINDBICHLER turned a student start-up into the data service provider Anexia with customers such as Netflix, BWM, Lufthansa, Rewe and airbnb.

A NEW MEMBER OF THE MANAGEMENT BOARD Kärntner Wirtschaft, July 11, 2016

Christian Inzko from Klagenfurt takes over the operational management of infrastructure, software development and sales at Anexia.


Some couch potatoes might be disappointed: Anyone watching “House of Cards” on Netflix is not connected to a server in L.A.

GLOBAL PLAYER FROM CARINTHIA Kärntner Monat, February 26, 2016

20,000 customers around the globe - from BMW to Carrera, from PCCW to Western Union - rely on his expertise: Carinthian Alexander Windbichler has built up his IT “empire” away from the loud public eye.

You must be able to prove that the data is secure Horizont, February 22, 2016

The company Anexia, founded in Carinthia, wants to become a leading cloud provider - and is even attracting large US companies as customers.

ANX HOLDING CONTINUES TO GROW Computerwelt, January 26, 2016

The Graz-based telephone provider Telematica Internet Service Provider GmbH is now also part of ANX Holding.


Hoster Anexia believes that the Internet of Things is a key trend. CEO Alexander Windbichler therefore expects that...


The Carinthian ANX Holding, parent company of the IT company ANEXIA, is taking over the Viennese hosting company emerion. All employees and the management of emerion will remain on board.

“WE DO A LOT OF THINGS!” IMSÜDEN.AT, December 14, 2015

Benjamin Klempin is now Head of Marketing at Carinthia's most successful IT service provider Anexia.


For the 15th time, the Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast 500 competition...


As part of the Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast 500 competition, the fastest growing companies in the...

HTL GRADUATES SHOW THE RIGHT WAY Kleine Zeitung, November 26, 2015

They left school as high school graduates and will return tomorrow at 10.45 a.m. as successful “doers”.


Austria's only IT trade fair with 60 exhibitors is currently taking place in Klagenfurt. The main topic for entrepreneurs is cash registers.

Exhibition appearance Klagenfurter, October 08, 2015

The dmexco, short for Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference, recently took place in Cologne with over 40,000 industry experts from the digital economy.


Anexia-Software was the largest Austrian exhibitor at the “dmexco” trade fair in Cologne.

THRUST FOR THE START Kleine Zeitung, September 23, 2015

It's not just Runtastic's million-dollar coup that is set to further boost the start-up scene. New framework conditions are providing a breath of fresh air and a spirit of optimism.

Head seeks creative minds Kleine Zeitung, December 05, 2014

Airborne Motion Pictures, Bergaffe, Trinitec and Hole Pools. Young Carinthian companies that have made many positive headlines in recent years.


Tiger states such as Singapore and Taiwan are becoming increasingly interesting for store operators. But anyone who wants to expand their store or app into distant countries has a hard time...

S&T SUCCESSFULLY OFFERS WHITE LABEL CLOUD Ihr Systemhaus, September 01, 2015

System houses with strong customer-specific know-how such as S&T are indispensable for many medium-sized and large companies.

ANEXIA SELECTS INTERXION Interxion, September 01, 2015

Interxion, a leading European provider of carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data centre services, today announced that it has been selected by Anexia...

HOSTING FOR STARTUPS t3n, August 25, 2015

In preparation for founding a start-up or at the beginning of the company phase, every decision needs to be carefully considered and every euro invested wisely.

FROM CARINTHIA TO THE WHOLE WORLD Kärntner Woche, May 29, 2015

Founded in 2006 by Alexander Windbichler as a classic Internet provider, ANEXIA now operates from five locations, some of which are international...

Virtualization is already making a huge impact on IT, with 2014 seeing dramatically inrcreased use, particularly in data center networks... CIO Review, March 13, 2015

Virtualization is already making a huge impact on IT, with 2014 seeing dramatically inrcreased use, particularly in data center networks...

CREATIVE VISIONS Klagenfurter, March 13, 2015

At build!Impuls 2015, the build! Start-up Center looked for and found creative business ideas. 16 finalists have been selected.


“48 submissions, exactly half of which are female.” Daniela Planinschetz-Riepl, spokesperson for the build! start-up center, is delighted about the female power in the 2015 impulse ideas competition.

FROM STARTUP FEELING AND SNACK BOXES Kärntner Wirtschaft, March 02, 2015

Heads were spinning for three days in the DomCenter coworking space. 60 participants from Austria, Slovenia and Italy worked on new projects at the “Startup Live” event.


Until the end of January, the build! start-up center was looking for the most creative business ideas in the whole country: Now the 16 finalists have been chosen...


At the age of 19, the Carinthian founded an Internet provider. Today, his customers include organizations such as the African Development Bank.


72 managing directors of domestic IT providers or institutions contributed to COMPUTERWELT's annual outlook.

The holiday season is coming, and we farewell a fantastic year, December 12, 2014

The end of the year is coming, and the holiday season is upon us, so this newsletter is earlier than usual. We’re not going to say much this month – we’d rather let the pictures from a fantastic year do the talking for us. But first…

Three Austrian award winners, December 02, 2014

The three Austrian award winners Internex GmbH, Ranorex GmbH and ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH are characterized by above-average sales growth rates over the last five financial years.

Anexia EMEA Technology Fast 500, September 10, 2014

In 2013, the Austrian company Anexia made it onto the Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast 500 list. This annual list recognizes the fastest growing TMT companies.

Anexia awarded the Austrian Export Prize Format, August 08, 2014

Anexia prevails against strong competition and wins in the “Information and Consulting” category.

Provider for the world Aussenwirtschaft magazine, June, 2014

The digital world is less abstract than expected. Alexander Windbichler, 27-year-old founder and managing director of the Carinthian internet provider Anexia, has turned this fact into a business principle.

Export prizes awarded in 2014 Opinion Leaders Network, June 25, 2014

The Austrian Export Award 2014 was presented by the Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy at a festive evening gala ...

Export is and remains the locomotive Kleine Zeitung, June 04, 2014

At the 12th Carinthian Export Day, four companies were honored for their successes.

A virtual data center around the globe Computerwelt, June 05, 2014

The World Wide Cloud offers a globally available Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud - always in compliance with European security guidelines.

Experts for software development Computerwelt, June 05, 2014

Software has become an integral part of all areas of our society. Whether extensions in the office area, GPS tracking systems for mobile devices or software solutions for ...

Austria´s Anexia rolling out multi-location cloud in EU, global Structure Research, March 04, 2014

Coming from a classical Internet Service Provider background, Anexia has shifted to infrastructure services and now cloud with momentum and growth constantly rising.

Customized cloud solutions from ANEXIA Media Planet, February 10, 2014

Right in the heart of Vienna, ANEXIA operates the ultra-modern, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified DATASIX data center on over 500 m².

Deloitte Fast 500 selects ANEXIA from Klagenfurt, January 31, 2014

Deloitte compiles an annual ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa).

IT service provider for decades COMPUTERWELT IT-Macher, November 29, 2013

ANEXIA was founded in June 2006 by Alexander Windbichler as a classic Internet service provider and software service provider immediately after graduating from HTL.

IT professional ANEXIA grows worldwide Wirtschaftsblatt, November 21, 2013

Solid small businesses. ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH, based in Klagenfurt, develops web-based software and specializes in the installation, configuration and operation of server systems.

A virtual data center around the globe Computerwelt Plus, September 19, 2013

With the World Wide Cloud (WWC), ANEXIA offers a globally available Infrastructure as a Service Cloud (IaaS).

On the road to victory M.U.T. Magazin, September 12, 2013

Carinthia's IT sector has experienced a boost in recent years. It is a positive sign that many Carinthian companies are taking advantage of it.

eco Internet Award heise online, June 28, 2013

The Association of the German Internet Industry eco presented its annual Internet Awards in Cologne on Thursday. The prizes were awarded in particular to equipment and infrastructure providers.

Innovative Internet solutions honored with eco Internet Award, June 27, 2013

The best of the best have been found. From intelligent heating control and cloud solutions in the automotive industry to cell phone security solutions and new ...

ANEXIA: Competent IT partner derStandard, June 18, 2013

When the REKORD-Fenster franchise system decided to centralize its IT infrastructure in 2009, it looked for a new overall support solution and found the Klagenfurt-based IT service provider ANEXIA.

Anexia wins award for global cloud solution, June 04, 2013

Anexia won the jury prize in the “Infrastructure” category at this year's Hosting and Service Provider Summit. The prize was awarded for the innovative business model of the “global cloud”.

Hosting & Service Provider Award, May 06, 2013

Dogado, Anexia and InternetX are the names of the winners of the Hosting & Service Provider Award 2013 in the Application Services, Infrastructure Services and Domain Services categories.

IT professional certified according to ISO 27001 Kärntner Tageszeitung, November 17, 2012

With over 40 employees and an average company growth of 90 percent per year, ANEXIA is one of the most ambitious IT companies in the Carinthian region.

ANEXIA continues to expand FORMAT, November 13, 2012

Started six years ago by Alexander Windbichler as a one-man business after a school project, the Klagenfurt-based company ANEXIA now has 40 employees and is a member of the Austrian ...

Employees are the greatest asset Kärntner Tageszeitung, August 04, 2012

With over 40 employees and an average company growth of 90 percent per year, ANEXIA is one of the most ambitious IT companies in the Carinthian region.

ANEXIA grows with new projects Kärntner Woche, July 05, 2012

At the Klagenfurt-based Internet service provider ANEXIA, female programmers, among others, ensure a good, balanced working atmosphere. After all, nine women are already working at ANEXIA ...

Record growth for ANEXIA, February 09, 2012

ANEXIA, a pan-European IT services company with locations in Germany and Austria, recorded triple-digit growth in the past financial year 2011 ...

Path led to the executive chair at 19 Kärntner Woche, February 08, 2012

High school graduates can take a leaf out of this young man's book - after all, Alexander Windbichler founded his own company between his written and oral A-levels.

iPhone app for the Turracher Höhe Kärntner Tageszeitung, December 23, 2011

The new Turracher Höhe app, developed by “alengo” and “ANEXIA”, provides data on weather and piste conditions, ticket prices and piste maps in a matter of seconds...

ANEXIA secures Caritas data Kleine Zeitung, November 14, 2011

Caritas is one of the first social service providers in Carinthia to rely on data outsourcing. It is supported in this by the Carinthian IT company ANEXIA, which takes care of the security ...

From high school graduate to sales millionaire ORF Kärnten, November 07, 2011

Within five years, a young man from Klagenfurt has become a millionaire - his business idea started with a high school graduation project.

ANEXIA's quality management certified, August 29, 2011

To increase the quality of products and work processes, more and more companies are introducing appropriate management systems. The IT service provider ANEXIA also relies on quality management ...

From high school graduate to sales millionaire Wirtschaftsblatt, February 04, 2011

Small but mighty: 24-year-old Alexander Windbichler from Klagenfurt has a good nose for apps. His IT company ANEXIA is flourishing and has achieved its first million in sales.